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Yahoo Hires Katie Couric: Digital Media Continues To Grow in Importance

The growing influence of digital media was on display this week when Yahoo hired former NBC and CBS News anchor Katie Couric to be their new “Global Anchor.”  That Yahoo was able to obtain such a big name in the news industry speaks to its ability, and namely their deep pockets, to go get major talent.  That Couric said yes, speaks to her recognition that digital media has a growing role to play in the new landscape of the news industry.

Her duties for Yahoo will include producing feature stories for the site, and serving as the face of Yahoo News.  Yahoo is looking to beef-up its content offerings, and has been making personnel moves lately to do just that.  Prior to Couric’s hire, the site brought onboard New York Times tech columnist David Pogue and Times Magazine writer Matt Bai.

Couric’s hire will definitely bolster Yahoo’s content, and add instant credibility to its news content.  Read more about Yahoo hiring Katie Couric at

As the internet and digital media continue to change how we think about and consume entertainment and information, Couric’s hire by Yahoo will mark the moment when digital media became legitimate.

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