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Don’t Be JO JO The Idiot Circus Boy

Sales is an interesting beast. There are books, upon articles, upon key-note speakers on “sales.” Sales encompasses so many things and we take it seriously. So before you go much further, let’s keep things loose and take a look at the video above. Then read my 30,000 foot view of sales.

Rule #1: Know thyself

I am a college educated, 25 year old, who can humbly admit “I will never see my Cleveland Browns win a Super Bowl.” However, I am sure that people have needs, and they meet those needs by buying services and products. The all important question, is “How do you make sure, that your product or service is the one being purchased?” They buy from me because of Rule #2.

Rule #2: Don’t take yourself too seriously

Alright my fellow Salesonites, you must remember that the buyer is an actual person!  Don’t talk at people. When the sale is taken too seriously, you end up doing all the talking – you literally talk yourself out of whatever interest the buyer had. This rule is difficult to apply when cold calling. However, after you get the info out that you need to, remember to keep it light (to a certain extent).

Rule #3: Don’t be a pushover

There are always going to be roadblocks. The price is too high, there isn’t a strong need, it’s my daughter’s Quinceanera. Chances are, things are going to get in the way. Do not let that deter you from bringing the customer back around to the point. He has a need and you have the solution.

SalesmanRule #4: Know thy product

Pretty simple. Know what you’re selling. The more informed you are, the more confident you are. Everyone picks up on confidence. Being able to quickly and efficiently answer questions helps side step roadblocks. If you come across a question that you do not know the answer to, it is okay to say “I am not sure, but I will find out.” Don’t lie and don’t make anything up. Be determined to find the answer so you can be prepared.

Rule #5: Buy in

Rejection comes with the territory of sales. If you’re not “all in” on your product and your business, it is very difficult to consistently be successful. Waking up every morning and doing something that requires this much energy and work ethic will not drive success if you do not buy in.

Good luck out there.

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