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Posting Online Videos Yourself? Here are 5 Things You Need to Know.

I’ve been creating websites since 1996. Back then, video was for TV and trade shows. For years, it was rarely given serious thought for websites. Today? We have a ‘roided-up tiger by the tail.   In March, I attended the 2019 Social Media World Conference. Thousands of marketers from around the world came together to

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We’re An Ad Agency’s Worst Nightmare

These are bold words. But we believe every word. Traditional advertising still has a place (always will), but its perch at the top of the pecking order is quickly being supplanted by brand and customer engagement using digital strategies. Here’s Engage321 President Dino Pelle commenting on why digital engagement strategies matter.

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Does Social Media Level The Playing Field For Underdog Brands?

Here’s something I’ve been hearing for a few years now… “The playing field has leveled due to social media marketing; I have more access to my customers.” Let’s break that down and find out if it’s true. With social media, there is more access to customers, but I don’t believe it necessarily levels the playing

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Don’t Be Fooled

Here are some terrific April Fools pranks throughout the years as described by Time magazine. With my Italian heritage, I especially appreciate the BBC story on the Swiss spaghetti tree harvest of 1957. Who knew the Swiss were so funny?

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Why You Need an Expert for Your Social Media Marketing

I have a hammer, and I use it a lot around the house.  I can swing that thing pretty good, too.  In fact, I can hit a lot of stuff with that hammer and enjoy working around the house on little jobs with it.  I use it to hang pictures or when I need to

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