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Ranking The Best Creative Directors In Free Agency

Summer is when our favorite NFL teams are looking for an edge. Free agents are looking for a new home and teams are looking for the missing piece to their playoff puzzle. Just like pro football, your organization needs to find its own high-quality free agent if it wants to be competitive on the field. To get you started, I’m ranking the best strategic-thinking creative directors in the business who are looking for their next team. Let’s start at the top.

#1 – David Horn. Creative Quarterback. We’ve spent hundreds of hours in the film room studying our candidates. This guy’s talent explodes off the tape. The true gems always have that little extra that’s hard to explain. It’s like the sound of a mic’d up Dick Butkus shooting the gap and pasting his number onto a running back. It has more snap, crackle, pop. It’s nastier.

Horn has a quick, dexterous mind which allows him to work quickly but thoughtfully at the highest level across every medium. Buzz around the league says he’s a terrific team player; players around him get better. We believe Horn is the missing-link talent that pro scouts and general managers get paid to find. Why he hasn’t been taken off the board yet is a complete mystery. But one thing’s for sure…it won’t last long.

#2 – Really? You’re not interested in #1? I think we’re done here.

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