2 thoughts on “Brand Lesson 1: Give Your Customers Something To Believe In”

  1. Great stuff, Dino. There’s an ever-increasing body of work in neuroscience that contends that, for just about every decision we make, we decide emotionally, and then rationalize (in some cases even looking for the facts that will support the decision we’ve already made). In addition to the “how,” a great story includes the “why” – Why are we doing this work? What do we believe and value? As I often tell my clients: “Do something meaningful, and you’ll have a story worth telling.”

    And, as you note, “consistently and truthfully” is the only way to go. These aspects are underrated but tremendously valuable.

    In summary, damn, you’re old.

    1. Ahhh, the wonderful world of neuroscience. I read about it every night, but mostly to figure myself out. ;-) Matthew, you’re absolutely right about the ‘why.’ To persuade, we have to know why people are motivated to do what they do. To that point, my psychology and sociology courses have helped me in my practice far more than any marketing class ever has (sorry, Prof. Culbertson).

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