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7 Tips for Growing Your Facebook Likes for Free

So you’ve got a business page on Facebook. You’re posting a few times per week, or maybe even more. You have great ideas and content to share with people, but you’re not seeing the number of LIKES increase the way you were hoping they would.

Simply posting and hoping that Facebook users find your page is not enough. While the idea of potentially reaching some portion of 1 billion users is attractive, you also must consider that there are 15 million brands on Facebook all vying for attention. That’s a lot of competition. Without a plan to reach your desired audience, simply making your posts could be compared to talking to yourself in an empty room.

Here are seven strategies to help you grow your online community, and increase your brand reach on Facebook without having to pay a dime to do it

1.     Share Great Content
The better the content, the higher the likelihood that others will LIKE and SHARE what you’re posting.  Many people say this is the toughest thing to do.  Where do you find great content? What you need to remember is that you are an expert in your field.  You have knowledge about your industry and your job that others will find valuable. Take the time to create a list of valuable informational nuggets regarding your industry. Split those nuggets into small pieces that you can describe in a few sentences and make those your posts. If you can’t describe them briefly, write a blog post about them, and promote the blog on Facebook.
2.     Include Interesting Images
Facebook has become a visual medium. Images are key to engagement. If you don’t have images, take some pictures. If you can’t take pictures, then purchase some generic images from stock photo sites that compliment your post. I use They always have an image that fits my need and at an affordable price.
3.     Engage on Pages that have a Similar Audience
Find a business on Facebook that attracts a similar audience and LIKE their page. When you see their posts in your Newsfeed, comment on them. Engage in conversations with their followers. All this will help your Business Page get exposure to your desired audience. This is the type of activity you might engage in with your personal Facebook profile, and you should do the same with your Business Page.
4.     Cross-Promote with Another Business
The idea here is to find a business that compliments your own, much like a gas station would go well with a carwash, or how a pizza parlor fits with an ice cream shop. Propose to that business that you cross-promote on Facebook and share each other’s posts with your respective audiences. This is a great way for both businesses to get additional exposure to Facebook users you want to attract.
5.     Use Your Profile to Tag you Business Page
You should post about your business and your Facebook Page on your personal profile. Tag your Page in posts by using the “@” sign in front of the name, then choose your Business Page from the drop-down selections that appear. This creates a link to your Page in your post, making it easier for your friends to LIKE your Page.
6.     Link Your Business Page to Your Personal Page
This is an easy way to draw attention to your Business Page, but not everyone does it. Your friends will check out your About section from time to time.  Make sure they see where you work. Click on the Edit button and type the Business Page name until you see it appear in the drop-down selections.
7.     Add a Link to Your Facebook Page in Your Email Signature
This little trick will get people to click on the page and give you a LIKE. You can also add clickable icons.
Check back when we look at some additional strategies that will allow you to grow your LIKES for a very small investment.
Bob Turner is a trained and experienced Social Media and Digital Marketing professional with Engage321.
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